I’m here to help you + your company overcome obstacles & inspire lasting transformation.

Join me + a comunity of visionaires who are cultivating conditions that create an impact.

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I’m Angela.

I inspire others to discover value in themselves, their work, and each other by embracing change and optimizing opportunities for personal, professional and organization transformation. I have spent my life helping others learn to visualize change as the opportunities for growth they genuinely are.

When we are able to recognize our abilities to adapt, understand our individual strengths, and visualize better outcomes, we are better able to accept change and genuinely appreciate it.

Your strategies will only go as far as your mindset will allow.

Are you ready to discover new ways to recognize and harness your strengths and skills, to produce the outcomes and achieve the goals you aspire to achieve? 


Change is not always easy.
If it was everyone would do it.

Change doesn’t have to be an obstacle or challenge slowing you down, or prohibiting you from reaching your goals. When you have the right perspective change can be fun, and more often than not change is life altering.

Meet Angela...


Angela’s influence and value reach far beyond predictable delivery. Her experience as a change agent demonstrates everyday how leadership, mentorship, and motivation inspires continuous personal and professional improvement in others, permitting them to achieve high levels of performance and quality. When you partner with Angela for coaching, mentoring, or training you will immediately notice her ability to adapt to any environment or organization, understand its challenges, focus on tackling complex problems with a creative and innovative approach, while quickly delivering value.


Founder of the Fargo, ND Agile Community.
Current board member & speaker at the Minnesota Agile Community.

Created & authored the first-ever interactive training guide for educators, trainers and facilitators, using the 4Cs Brain Based Instructional Design Model from Training From the BACK of The Room™.

Member of both the International Coaching Federation and the Association for Talent Development.

Training From the BACK of the Room Certified Trainer™.

Wiley Authorized Partner for Everything DiSC™ and Five Behaviors™.

Certified Gallup Strengthsfinder Coach™.

Certified Advanced Skills Life Coach

Get the Book:
Brain Building Blueprints

Here's what people are saying, “Brain Building Blueprints” is brilliantly designed: a practical flip book of easy-to-use activities for any topic or subject area, and for any level of learners. The trainer or teacher simply flips the pages until they come to the activities of their choice for each of the 4Cs Map steps –and voilá! The learning activities are “mapped” and ready to use in any learning environment.

Brain Building Blueprints book

Do you need help facilitating engaging and interactive classroom and conference room training sessions? Brain Building Blueprints is the tool for you.


Every individual technique is a brain-based training technique; meaning it was created with the learnerin mind, and how the learner learns best!


Every technique is engaging and interactive.


Step by step instructions and timing estimates are provided for everything! Yes, I said timing estimates are included.


If any materials or set-up is required, they are specifically called out listed for you.


More than 50% of the activities included take less than 5 minutes.

Everyone Deserves
A Great Coach

High performing individuals, from executives to athletes—all have a coach.

I am here to partner with you to help inspire, improve and identify opportunities for lasting development and transformation in the specific areas of your choice.

Are you ready to create the changes needed to produce the outcomes you desire and achieve your goals?


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