My mentoring philosophy is all about intentionally sharing experiences, knowledge and guidance which inspire individuals to envision what is possible.

Basically, I’m going to walk alongside you on a journey I’ve been on myself. I focus on instilling the skills I know you need to be successful as a leader, trainer, facilitator and educator. THIS RESULTS IN: 

  • All of the benefits of working with an expert to discuss similar situations and share experiences;
  • Demonstrations and specific instruction on the most effective ways to facilitate great conversations, create custom workshops, and to coach and train others;
  • An increased ability to apply what you are learning (and have learned) about techniques and tools that make you better at what you do;
  • A better ability to communicate effectively with those around you; A deeper understanding of yourself and your strengths;
  • And, most of all (and perhaps most importantly), an increased ability to train others using successes and failures to generate solutions, innovation, and agile processes to create personal and business evolution.

Mentoring is a good solution for those who:

  • Feel like they need more effective tools to improve retention from their trainings;
  • Feel like they could benefit from expert experience in their own field;
  • Feel like their training style has grown old or stagnant;
  • Feel like they are unable to recognize the level of success they desire as a leader, coach, trainer, facilitator, and educator;
  • Feel frustrated because they find themselves passed over for promotion, while dealing with constant disagreement with colleagues;
  • Feel like they don’t have an influential voice on their team.

Bottom Line

Effective mentorship is the best way to invest in our greatest resources, people. Mentoring is about sharing experiences and our most valuable lessons learned, to motivate, validate and inspire talented professionals with the knowledge, guidance and encouragement needed to thrive.