Angie is a wonderful coach! She helped me gain a much better understanding of myself which has translated into a clearer view of my professional goals. Through asking thoughtful questions, providing solid recommendations on learning resources, and actively listening to me, I felt very supported and educated through each session. I appreciate how she always validated my feelings and used her professional experience and coaching skills to help me positively work through the challenges I was facing. I came out the other side of our coaching relationship feeling much more confident in my skills and goals. I highly recommend working with Angie!

Kasey Black
Director of Program Management

Angela is one of the best coaches, mentors and trainers with whom I’ve worked. She has a gift for sharing knowledge while making it interesting, interactive and enjoyable, all while making it look effortless. She focuses on personal development in a very empathic, patient and intuitive way. She communicates in an open, sincere and authentic manner which quickly builds trust with individuals and teams alike. It’s a pleasure to be ‘in the room’ with her 1:1 or with a team.

Cheryl Neeser
Sr Agile Coach & Consultant, Improving 

Angela is a genuinely authentic visionary. Many visionaries are great idea generators, but Angela can actually envision the outcome, commit to it, and get it done. She is compassionately committed to ensuring a better, more inclusive life for everyone. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious and truly inspiring.  I would highly recommend her to anyone I know. 

Ron Leonhardt
VP Global Human Resources, Zinpro 

I feel it’s rare to come across standout talent like Angie. She is one of the most passionate people I have worked with. I am impressed with her natural ability to handle even the toughest of situations. Her passion around coaching and mentoring individuals is next to none.  I’ve seen first-hand the ease at which she can help a team become high performing while keeping it fun. Angie earns my highest recommendation.

April Meidinger
IT Store Leader, Scheels 

Angela is a driven and people focused Agile coach. Her passion for coaching and mentoring is ever-growing and speaks volumes to her character. She has developed a great technique to empower team members to succeed and fail forward. You always learn something new when you interact with Angela. She is one of the top tier Agile coaches I have ever worked with, her willingness to learn and energy is truly inspiring.

Cal Hofland
PI Specialist, Clinigen 

Angela always provides a positive work experience and is absolutely amazing to work with! I can recall numerous projects where her ability to bring everyone together to collaborate was vital to the success of the organization. Her positive personality radiates and it’s not hard to see why she has achieved so much throughout her career. I cannot say enough about Angela!

Nic Keith
Configuration Manager & Database Administrator, WEX 

I’ve had the privilege of working with Angela and simply put – she is amazing. Her passion has driven her to do some extremely creative things with her teams. She is always showing me new and innovative ways of getting the best out of a team.

Rodger Edwards
Sr. Agile Coach, CoreLink Administrative Solutions 

Angie’s desire to make a positive, lasting difference in the lives of those she works with helps her quickly connect with her peers and customers. Her highly communicative style helps her with all personality types. I truly enjoy working with Angie and am excited to see her career continue to flourish!

Devin Mosbrucker
Software Development Manager, WEX 

Angela is both informative and inspirational. Her training and coaching provide opportunities for immediate application with visible benefits. She knows how to offer a guiding hand to help move a company’s agile transformation along smoothly while offering practical advice and encouraging feedback to individuals, teams, and organizational leaders alike. Her knowledge of various agile frameworks makes her an asset for companies to customize their approach with greater agility. I would highly recommend Angela for any of your company’s training and coaching needs.

Jason Orloske
President, Bridge The Gap Consulting LLC 

I had the pleasure meeting Angela when I joined the Fargo Agile Community. She was one of the founders there and is truly enthusiastic. She is a great Trainer and an Agile coach. She is very engaging and I learned a lot from her. Angela is true leader, her knowledge and passion for Agile helped me to achieve my own goals in my personal carrier. 

Danka Grujicic
Agile Team Coach, iManage 

Angie authentically understands the need to be heard and ensures every individual she works with knows she is listening and genuinely cares. She does not “tell” you what you should do, but instead offers suggestions to guide you and allows you to decide what is best for you. If you are looking for a coach or mentor that is passionate about helping others with their personal or professional development, I encourage you to reach out to Angie.

Marilyn Lang
Sr. Consultant, Concord

All of our teams were provided the same Agile transformation tools and training, but Angie set herself and her teams apart through her influence, curiosity and desire for continuous growth.  There are many contributing factors for this success, but it all falls back to Angie’s dedication to self and team improvement.  She created her own course on how to approach the three pillars of Agile, invested in relationships inside and out of her teams. She developed high levels of trust on her team, encouraged fun teams building activities, ensured achievements with recognized and celebrated, which resulted in some of the highest employee engagement in the company. The culmination of her influence on her teams went far beyond the achievement of predictable quality software delivery.    

Devin Mosbrucker
CoreLink Administrative Solutions 

Angie truly inspires me.  She had to overcome so much growing up and she’s devoted her life to helping others as a coach.

Aaron Broten
Senior Escalation Engineer, Microsoft 

I worked with Angela during a very dynamic period of growth at Titan Machinery. She is a true visionary and adapts to change very quickly. She sees the larger picture of what is needed and ensures it can be accomplished. She has a great approach, ensuring our team was always moving forward.

Todd Hennum
Controller, Titan Machinery 

Angela is a very reliable and dedicated coach. She is a pleasure to work with. Any company would benefit from having her as a part of the team.

Irina Sagert
Financial Analyst, Sanford Health 

Evonne Amundson

Angela is a true servant leader. As a coach, she takes the time to authentically connect with each member of the team tapping into their true potential. She is able to help team members branch out into roles and skills they hadn’t considered and makes sure they have the tools, training and support required to be successful, ultimately helping them achieve high performing results.

Evonne Amundson
Director, CoreLink Administrative Solutions 

Angie is a hardworking, professional and conscientious individual that would be a great asset to any company. 

David Casper
SALT Senior Manager, Eide Bailly LLP 

Ashley Manly

Devoted. Intellectual. Diligent. Asset. These words describe my privileged experience working with Angie. Her ability to achieve results with multiple projects, products & teams is impressive. She is a great coach & mentor, a remarkable team player, and is always bringing people together. Angie makes a team complete. 

Ashley Manly
Vice President & Finance Director at Limelight Builders LLC 

Michelle Donley

What I loved most about my coaching sessions with Angela was her ability to adapt to my personality and needs to achieve both my personal and professional and goals. Angela’s strengths shine through in her ability to maneuver between several different coaching styles providing me exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it. I genuinely loved her willingness to share her own experiences, knowledge and tools from her toolbox. Her flexibility and willingness to navigate conversations precisely where I needed them to go was priceless.

Michelle Donley
Assistant VP of Project Management & Systems Operations, Gate City Bank 

I was skeptical when my team and I were told we were being assigned an Agile Coach. However, Angie really turned me around. She is thorough, extremely observant, and so easy to work with. I was consistently surprised with how accurate her observations were around the team, the personalities in play, and our particular situational challenges. She helped both of the Scrum Masters on my teams, and myself immensely to understand the roles and ceremonies of Scrum at a much deeper level. If I am ever on another team that needs agile coaching, I will not hesitate to reach out to Angie.